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Get Ready for Summer | DeLand FL | Near Deltona, Daytona & Orlando

Six Keys to Prepping Your Vehicle for Summer

How to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Summer in DeLand, FL

In DeLand, the dog days of summer are unmistakable. But while there is a lot to enjoy about the warmer weather and longer days, the heat and sun can take its toll on your vehicle. If your car or SUV isn’t ready for the summer, a fun day with family or friends can end up being a not-so-fun day waiting for a tow. With that in mind, DeLand Kia has put together a short checklist to help you make the most of your car or SUV this summer – and, in turn, make the most of summer itself.

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1. Inspect the Tires

When school lets out and the mercury begins rising, Americans hit the road in droves. But even if you don’t count yourself among those drivers, you’ll want to be sure to check the air pressure in your tires. And it’s a good idea to check the spare, too. Worn or improperly inflated tires can result in poor handling or even a blowout. Make sure to consult your manual for proper tire-pressure guidelines, and then simply fill as needed. While you’re at it, be sure to look for cracks, worn tread, bubbles in the sidewalls, uneven wear and visible wear bars. If any of those are present, you should schedule an appointment with our service center to replace the tire(s) immediately.

2. Find Some Shade

The summer sun in DeLand lets its presence be known before it’s even time for lunch. So, chances are, you won’t go anywhere without sunscreen and sunglasses to protect yourself from the harmful rays. Believe it or not, your vehicle needs protection, too. The sun can fade the coloring of your dashboard and your seating’s upholstery. It not only looks aged, but it also negatively affects the resale value of your vehicle. Therefore, always opt for a parking spot in the shade. And, when shade’s not available, create your own with a sunshade that covers your front windshield and blocks the rays from damaging the interior of your car.

3. Check the AC

You need an air conditioning system that works well during the hot summer months in DeLand – the average high is over 90 degrees for three straight months, after all. To make sure your AC is working as it should, test all of the functions and note, for example, if the cabin doesn’t seem to cool like it should or if the vents aren’t blowing with as much pressure as they should. Though the air conditioning system in your vehicle is complex, the mechanics at DeLand Kia have the tools and technology to locate and fix the problem quickly. If you feel your air conditioning isn’t working like it should, schedule a visit with our service department before the sun turning the asphalt into a frying pan.

4. Look at Your Blades

Summer wouldn’t be summer in DeLand without afternoon thunderstorms, so don’t wait until you hear thunder to make sure your wipers are working properly. If your wipers aren’t doing their job, you’re going to have a hard time getting to your destination safely during a storm. So be sure to replace worn wiper blades and also check your washer fluid level. If you do need new wipers, they’re relatively inexpensive and pretty easy to install. Of course, our team at DeLand Kia can handle everything for you and make sure they’re installed correctly.

5. Monitor the Fluids

It goes without saying that you need to keep an eye on the level of your engine oil, but you also need to make sure it isn’t time to replace it. When you check the oil, if it’s an amber color, add any oil the dipstick may indicate. However, if the oil is black or discolored, regardless of how much you have, it’s time for an oil change. That said, your oil isn’t the only fluid you need to check. Take a look at the coolant level to see that you have plenty (there are clear markings on the reservoir to guide you). And be sure what you do have is not cloudy. Also take a look at your brake fluid reservoir. If the brake fluid level looks low, it could be a sign of a leak in the brake system, so plan to take the car into our service center to have our experienced professionals check your brake system.

6. Give It a Shine

Even if someone hasn’t left you a not-too-subtle message Washing and waxing your vehicle will help protect it from the harmful rays of the sun and prolong your car’s paint job. And there’s no better time to wash your vehicle than summer, as getting a little wet is actually a benefit. Not the type who likes to lift a finger? There’s nothing wrong with having someone else detail your car or SUV. It might just give you time to pick out the perfect scented rearview mirror piece.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to get your vehicle ready for summer, visit DeLand Kia at 2322 S. Woodland Blvd, DeLand, FL 32720. From changing oil and rotating tires to replacing wiper blades and servicing your AC, our highly trained service professionals can help you get the most from your car or SUV this summer. So if you’re in DeLand or in the Deltona, Daytona or Orlando area, stop by or call to schedule a time to have your vehicle serviced.