Be Prepared Today Before Leaving for the Holiday Road Trip

If you want you and your family to arrive at your holiday destination on time and safely, it all comes down to planning today for things that could go wrong while you are in your car this upcoming season.

  1. Start your journey as early in the morning as you can to avoid all the other drivers traveling on the same roads.
  2. This road trip is going to be a marathon, so plan today to stop at some locations along the way to stretch your legs and give the family a break.
  3. There are going to me more than the usual amount of distracted drivers on the road so pay close attention every second.
  4. The heaviest traffic will be the day before the holiday, so try to get on the road a day or two before that if at all possible.

Don't forget to come by Deland Kia for a complete check-up of your vehicle.

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