Understanding Your Car’s Warning Lights

The many warning lights on a car’s dashboard are your car’s way of letting you know when something needs your attention. Some cars have a multitude of symbols that can be difficult to remember. Here is a list of several important lights you should always know:

  • Brake System – This light can indicate one of several different issues. The parking brake may be on, the braking fluid may be low, or there may be a problem with the anti-lock braking system
  • Oil Pressure Warning – When lit, this can indicate a loss of oil pressure. Immediately check the oil level. You may also need to change the fluids.
  • Check Engine – This light tells you that the engine has set a Diagnostic Trouble Code. Always have a professional diagnosis done as soon as possible.

If any of the warning lights on your dashboard come on, bring it to our service staff at Deland Kia and we can help keep your car running smoothly.

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