Q&A About Traveling With Your Pet

If you want to travel with your pet in the car, here are some frequently asked questions about pet safety and comfort:

Q) Can I leave my pet in the car while I go into a restaurant to eat?

A) It depends on the temperature and parking conditions. Never leave your pet in the car if you are parked in direct sunlight. The temperature in the car must remain pet-friendly because your pet does not sweat like us humans. Be sure water is available for your pet, and never leave your pet unattended for long periods of time.

Q) Is it safe if my pet is loose in the back seat or back of the car?

A) It is safer if you have your pet crated when you travel. If there is an accident, your pet has a better chance of not being injured. Many pets like to jump from seat to floor, and even lean against a window to enjoy the view and breeze. Please remember that a secure pet is a safer pet!

Q) What is the best type of vehicle for traveling with a pet?

A) Come by our Kia dealership in Deland, FL soon and let us show you what we have that can best suit your needs.

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