Know the signs of a Failing Fuel Pump

Your car's fuel pump is what gets fuel from your gas tank to your engine. With a damaged fuel pump, your car's performance will suffer. By knowing the signs of a failing fuel system, you can get to Deland Kia for service before it's too late.

A bad fuel pump won't deliver a steady stream of gas to the engine, so your engine might sputter or surge forward suddenly. You might notice that your temperature gauge is reading high if your fuel pump is working too hard. Other signs of a faulty fuel system include sudden poor gas mileage, loss of power on hills or when carrying extra weight, and, in the worst case, your engine not starting.

If you think your fuel system might have an issue, our team at Deland Kia in Deland, FL can inspect it and determine if part of it needs replacement. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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