Clean Air Is Important for Both You and Your Vehicle

Air, as funny as it may sound, is a key element to having a good driving experience. Both you and your car require clean air to function as you should. Luckily, your vehicle is engine and cabin air filters to ensure the best possible air quality.

The cabin and engine air filters in your car basically perform the same function. The cabin air filter works in conjunction with the climate control system to reduce the reduce and remove dust, pollen, and other particles that could prove detrimental if breathed in. The engine air filter keeps the same particles from entering the engine. These filters should be routinely replaced because they will become dirty and clogged over time.

If you notice a reduction in air quality in the cabin of your vehicle or suspect a reduction in engine power due to dirty filters, then bring your vehicle in to our service center to get serviced. We are conveniently located at Deland Kia in Deland, FL.

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