Apple CarPlay – Make Even the Jetsons Jealous

Technology is such a big part of our lives in this century that we can’t bear to be separated from it even when on the road. With GPS, hands-free calling and digital entertainment replacing old FM radio, there needed to be a safer way to combine this all into a standard suite the computer engineers approve of.

Apple has taken this into their own hands by teaming up with leading automotive engineering companies to create CarPlay. This dash display, on-wheel control buttons and Apple device integration system is finally this proper marriage of all these features.

Use Siri hands-free to make calls, get directions, use GPS and access Pandora, Spotify and more. Bring your favorite road-safe apps on your trip with you, fully working with your car’s existing systems for a safe, digital experience on the road.

To get a good look at this technology and where it’s going in the future, pay us a visit at Deland Kia today for a demonstration.

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