Here's How to Deal with Dirty Wheels and Tires

If your car's tires and wheels look dirty, the time has come to clean them. Looks aren't the only reason why a good cleaning makes sense. Brake dust could be collecting on the wheels, which can eat into the metal. And a good cleaning involves more than just washing things off with a hose.

Visit an auto supply retail shop and buy a quality wheel cleaning spray. Be sure the spray is the right one for the type of wheels on your car. Also, purchase another spray designed to clean off tires. Spray on the right amounts, and use a decent brush to clean off the grime.

Tires should be cleaned, washed with water, and dried one at a time. Don't let the cleaning fluid dry on any tires and wheels. Completely clean and dry one set and move onto the next.

Don't drive around Deland, FL with dirty or worn tires. Bring your car over to our service center at Deland Kia so we can check the tires and wheels out and give you a rundown on their condition.

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