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Used Car

Perks of Buying Used Cars

Choosing a new or used vehicle is a big decision. While there are certainly significant benefits to buying a new car, there are also many perks that come with buying a used vehicle, particularly from a financial standpoint. If you're ready to upgrade your current ride, consider your options before you head to the dealership. At DeLand Kia, we want to make your car shopping experience as easy as possible, so we've highlighted some of the benefits of buying used below.


One of the greatest benefits of buying used is that it's the most affordable option. Because a used car is certainly cheaper than its newer equivalent, if you need a loan, your down payment and monthly payments will be much lower than if you bought a new car. It's also more doable to pay for a used car at one time, in which case you would not have to worry about making monthly payments. If you buy used, you may be able to spend less for more features or a nicer model than what you are currently driving.

Lower Insurance Rates

Besides low monthly payments, you'll find that obtaining protection for your used vehicle is also more affordable. Insurance rates are calculated based on the value of your car, and since used cars cost less, so does their insurance.

Slower Depreciation

The value of a new car diminishes within the first few years of ownership. While loss of value is an ongoing process with vehicles, it tends to level out more after those initial years. A used car will likely have already gone through this steep decline in value by the time you purchase it, which means you pay much less.


Models are frequently discontinued in the automotive industry, sometimes even popular ones. When you buy used, this won't really matter. Not only that, you can find cars with different trims or features that may now be unavailable on the current versions. Buying used provides plenty of options since you're not limited by features and trims of a specific year.

Used Car

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